3 Exercises to Strengthen Your Upper-Body

11 Jan

qa-what-are-the-best-upper-body-exercises[2]The classic barbell flat bench press is a “gold-standard” exercise for building upper-body strength, and should be a component of virtually everyone’s strength and conditioning regimen.  This versatile exercise is a great way to build strength in your chest, arms, and shoulders.  But, as beneficial as this exercise is, it shouldn’t be the only upper-body “push” exercise in your regimen.  Try adding these three exercises to your routine to improve strength, power, and keep your training fresh:

  • Single-Arm Bench Press

Using one dumbbell, assume standard bench press position.  Keep “off” arm suspended, just above your chest.  Start with dumbbell in “up” position.  Lower and raise dumbbell for specified number of repetitions, then switch arms.  This exercise is great for building strength and core stability.

  • Alternating Medicine Ball Pushup (pictured)

Assume standard pushup position with one hand resting on medicine ball.  Perform pushups for specified number of reps, then switch sides (other hand on medicine ball).  This exercise helps build explosive power in your chest and arms.

  • Stability Ball Pushup

Assume pushup position with both hands on stability (Swiss) ball.  Perform pushups for specified number of repetitions.  Keep the eccentric (downward) phase slow.  This exercise is higher-intensity than the classic pushup and requires a lot of core stability.

Depending on how often you train, you could choose one of the above exercises for each workout or do a couple on the same training day. Remember, for every upper-body “push” exercise you do (for example, bench press or pushup), you should also perform an upper-body “pull” exercise, such as a row or pullup, to balance your training.


Your thoughts?

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