Add Figs to Your Healthy Diet

12 Aug

figs[1]When I think of summer fruit, I rarely think of figs, even though I grew up with them.  My grandfather, who came here from Italy, had fig trees in his garden.  I remember burying them every fall and digging them up again the following summer, to protect them from the northeast Ohio winters.  Fresh figs were a unique summer treat for my family and me.

Figs are a great addition to any healthy diet.  They are widely available during the late summer months, have more fiber per serving than most other fruit, and more anti-oxidants than red wine or tea.  There are hundreds of varieties of figs, all with a common soft flesh with plenty of tiny edible seeds.  They range in color from purple-black to almost white and from round to oval.  Figs are the sweetest of all fruits, with a 55% sugar content.

Figs are versatile, and can be eaten fresh or added to salads and other dishes.  They combine well with nuts, meats, cheeses, and other fruits.


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