Don’t Skip In-Season Strength Training

19 Aug

9070245-large[1]Once again, the summer was a blur and the fall-sports season is upon us.  Hundreds of athletes have spent the summer at my facility, working hard to get stronger and faster, in order to improve their athletic performance on the field or court this fall.  And, invariably, many of them will make the same mistake as they begin their competition season: They will suspend their training until the season is over.

Some will say they don’t have time, due to the rigors of school (homework, studying, etc.).  Others assume that practices and games will keep them in  shape throughout the season.  All are mistaken.

The nature of muscle is this: Use it or lose it.

In-season strength training isn’t about having time… it’s about making time.  Working out during your season will help you maintain the strength you developed during the off-season.  Additionally, three months of practices and games — five or six days a week — will wear you down.  In-season strength training can help your body withstand the physical stress of a season’s worth of sport-specific activity.

Research has shown that one strength training session per week is adequate to maintain strength and speed, during the season.  The key is to maintain the intensity (weight) of your workout, while decreasing the volume (frequency, sets, reps).  Also, focus on exercises that work multiple muscle groups and joints, like the squat, deadlift, Romanian deadlift, bench press, and row.  You can resume assistance and impact exercises once your competition season is over.

Get in the weight room, get your work done, and get out.  The duration of your in-season workout should not exceed about 30 minutes.


Your thoughts?


2 Responses to “Don’t Skip In-Season Strength Training”

  1. Tammy Gibson August 19, 2013 at 8:28 AM #

    It seems that I almost always have heard what you write before… I like that.  I also like that you are now writing all of this down and sharing it with the world!   Tammy


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