Before a Big Restaurant Meal…

30 Sep

sushi-[1]I love going out to eat, especially when dining out involves one of my favorite restaurants (usually Italian or sushi).  Unfortunately, for many of us, dining out often results in a high-calorie, overeating extravaganza.

In a past blog post, I’ve offered this strategy:  As soon as your meal is served, divide it in half.  Put half in a carry-out container and set it aside for a future meal, and eat the other half.  It takes some discipline (as any worthwhile endeavor does), but it works.

Here’s another idea:  Before you go out to eat, grab a snack.  Aim for about 200 calories, and make sure the snack contains at least 15 grams of protein.  Examples of pre-restaurant snacks could be a whey protein powder shake or apple with peanut butter or cheese.  This strategy provides nutrition-dense calories that will blunt your appetite and help you eat more reasonably when dining out.


Your thoughts?

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