Strawberries and Dark Chocolate

24 Jan

chocolatestrawberries[1]For chocolate lovers who are inclined to the occasional indulgence — and with Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away — the news doesn’t get any better than this.

According to research from Brigham Young University, pairing strawberries with dark chocolate boosts the nutritional value of both.

In the study, strawberries dipped in dark chocolate (88% cacao) had an antioxidant content that was greater than the sum of the individual ingredients.

Researchers explain that certain antioxidants react synergistically with each other when combined, creating additional nutritious and disease-fighting power.

But, there’s a caveat.  The dark chocolate must be the high cacao variety.  Berries dipped in 54% cacao dark chocolate did not produce the same beneficial antioxidant effect.


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