Work with a Trainer for Better Results

7 Apr

nba_ap_tgrover1_600[1]Have you ever wondered if working with a strength coach or personal trainer is right for you or your children, or worth the money?  Well, according to new research from UCLA, a personal trainer can help make you much stronger than exercising on your own.

In the study, individuals who worked with a strength/fitness coach gained more muscle and 10% more endurance than those who chose to follow their own program.  They also gained six times more leg power than the “do it yourself” group.

The reason for the difference?  A qualified, experienced strength and conditioning professional can provide an expert-guided plan, helping you to stick to your workout and do it right.  Most individuals lack the experience and expertise to develop a personalized plan that incorporates appropriate exercise selection, intensity level, repetitions, sets, and rest intervals.  Additionally, a coach can motivate you to train harder and help keep you accountable.

Even if working with a trainer is not in your long-term plans, it can be a good idea to start there.  A trainer can better point you in the right direction, providing instruction, demonstration, and making your workouts more focused and effective when you do them on your own.

And, for you parents of student-athletes, be wary of the teacher or coach acting as your child’s trainer, or your school’s weight room attendant.  Typically, these folks are no more qualified than you are when it comes to developing well-designed and -supervised, safe, and effective strength and conditioning programs.

When looking for a strength coach/trainer, do your homework.  Since basically anyone can “hang a shingle” and call him/herself a trainer, it’s important to find a well-accredited one at (website for the National Strength and Conditioning Association).  Look for NSCA designations such as CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) or CPT (Certified Personal Trainer).  If you’re in or around the greater Cleveland (OH) area, check us out at


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