Strengthen Your Hips and Glutes with the Mini-Band Lateral Shuffle

13 Aug

20140812_19023920140812_190258If you want to increase your lower-body strength and power, sprinting speed, and vertical jump, don’t underestimate the beneficial impact of strong hips and glutes.

When you don’t work your glutes, you miss out on working the largest muscle group in your body and burning a ton of calories and fat. You also aren’t as powerful or strong, since the bulk of your strength and power emanates from your core musculature — of which your hips and glutes are an important part — and not your extremities.

Additionally, when you’re not performing exercises that activate your hips and glutes, you also run the risk of injury because other muscles, that really can’t handle the load, take over.

The Mini-Band Lateral Shuffle is a great exercise to get your hip and glute muscles activated and firing.  Here’ how to do it:

  • Place the mini-band around both ankles (if you place the band higher up the leg, the exercise will be easier; if you place it around your ankles, it will be more difficult)
  • In starting position, your feet should be about hip-width to shoulder-width apart; toes should both be pointing forward and your feet should be parallel
  • Keep your hips low (butt down) and knees bent; you should assume a half-squat position
  • Step laterally with one foot, as far as you can (stretch the band), and then step in with the other foot (resist the band); always keep tension on the band when you are stepping and don’t let the feet come together
  • Remember, every time you step try to step as far apart as possible to really work the glutes
  • Do not drag the back foot when you step back in (also, try not to rock as you shuffle)
  • Perform 10 repetitions in one direction, rest 30 seconds, and repeat in the opposite direction

You can do one set or multiple sets.  We like our athletes to do one set of this exercise (both directions) as a “finisher,” at the end of each workout.


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