Responsibility. Authority. Accountability.

22 Aug

193cb1b[1]This week, my son went to Russia for the next two years to pursue his master’s degree, my two oldest daughters begin their junior and freshman years of college, and my “baby” begins her junior year of high school.  I thought it was timely that a good friend shared an article with me — Is Someone You Love Going to College? Their Success Depends on Three Words.

Obviously, the “three words” can be found in the title of my blog post: responsibility, authority, and accountability.  And, while the advice shared by the article’s author is directed at college students (and those of us sending kids to college), it really applies to all of us, whether we are students, athletes, business professionals, etc.

The article does a nice job reinforcing the fact that, ultimately, your success depends on you.  Winners know that their successes and setbacks are directly attributable to their actions and efforts.


Your thoughts?


2 Responses to “Responsibility. Authority. Accountability.”

  1. Chris Levano August 23, 2014 at 1:54 PM #

    Responsible work ethic is commendable and it certainly raises the percentage of attaining success, but one must acknowledge the results that science have given us. I’m speaking about the modification of the brain’s nuro-pathways and enhancement of white fast twitch muscle fiber in the human body resulting in improvement (growth) – with the use of Isokinetic equipment. Work outs are fast and explosive and lesser duration that traditional isotonic training. The future is here. The results are proof.

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