Should We All Be Drinking Honey Lemon Water?

9 Mar

I_Drank_Warm_Honey_Lemon_Water_Every_Morning_for_a_Year._Here_s_What_Happened[1]Here’s an article about the health benefits of drinking honey lemon water, daily.  (there’s also a plethora of stuff on the internet about the health benefits of drinking [warm] lemon water)

Honey boasts some well-documented health benefits, including: cancer and heart disease prevention; gastrointestinal health; anti-bacterial/anti-fungal; athletic performance enhancer, via maintenance of glycogen levels and improved recovery time; soothes cough and sore throat; blood sugar regulation; heals wounds and burns; probiotic; beautiful skin.

Likewise, the health benefits of lemon include: rich in vitamin C; great for the gastrointestinal system; neutralize free radicals linked to aging and disease; promotes brain health; anti-bacterial; strengthens blood vessels; improves breathing and oxygen intake; promotes eye health; anti-cancer properties.

I started last week… gonna give it a try.


Your thoughts?


2 Responses to “Should We All Be Drinking Honey Lemon Water?”

  1. Bill March 10, 2015 at 5:33 PM #

    I too have started drinking warm lemon honey water, but I sometimes include spices like cinnamon, cayenne pepper and ginger.

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