Improve Your Basketball Game, One Move at a Time

19 Jun

960x540[1]Are you a basketball player who wants to improve his or her game this summer?  If you do, focus and specificity (along with a healthy dose of work ethic) are the keys.

Here’s my point: Rather than practicing 100 things, once or twice, you’ll get a much better return on your practice “investment” if you work on one or two things, 100 times each.

I remember reading an article, several years ago, about Dirk Nowitzki and his basketball trainer, and their approach toward improvement, every off-season.  They chose one move (for example, his famous, fall-away jump shot) to work on, for the entire off-season, until Nowitzki perfected it.  That’s it… one move!  They’re goal was to add one new move to his arsenal, each year, improve his efficacy, and create a competitive advantage.

It’s also important to continue practicing the moves and shots you’ve already mastered in order to keep them sharp.

This off-season, think about the strengths and areas of opportunity in your game.  What one move would upgrade your game and give you more of a competitive advantage?

Depending on your position, developing a “go-to” move like a step-back jump shot or spin move would probably make you much more versatile and tougher to defend.

If you’re a perimeter player, an effective, well-executed cross-over dribble drive or hesitation move could make a big difference in your game.

And, no matter what position you play, EVERYONE can benefit from improving their ball-handling skills!


Your thoughts?


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