Change Grips to Improve Your Lat Pulldown

11 Jan

Screenshot+2014-03-06+22.36.01[1]The lat pulldown exercise is a great way to build upper-body strength and stability, and you can make it even better — and work more muscle — by varying your grips, according to a recent analysis from the Strength and Conditioning Journal.

At Athletic Performance Training Center, we perform the lat pulldown exercise with three different grips:

  • Wide overhand (twice shoulder width, palms facing away)
  • Narrow overhand (shoulder width, palms facing away)
  • Narrow underhand (shoulder width, palms facing you)

To reduce the risk of injury, always pull the bar down in front of you — never behind your head.

The effect of the lat pulldown exercise on your lats is relatively similar with all three grips.  By changing your grips, however, you change the impact on the secondary muscle groups of the shoulders and arms.

We also favor the single-arm lat pulldown as a unilateral alternative to the traditional exercise.

This same strategy applies to the chinup/pullup exercise.


Your thoughts?


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  1. Should You Do Chinups or Pullups? | Athletic Performance Training Center - July 20, 2016

    […] If you’re not quite ready for chinups or pullups, the lat pulldown activates the same muscles and can be an effective starting point.  You can change your grip on the lat pulldown exercise – and perform single-arm lat pulldowns – to work more muscle and make the exercise more effective.  (please see related article, Change Grips to Improve Your Lat Pulldown) […]

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