Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

15 Jan

failure[1]“Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.” – Morihei  Ueshiba

“Success is 99% failure.” – Soichiro Honda

“I  can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not  trying.” – Michael  Jordan

There are lots of inspirational, motivational quotes on the subject of failure — more than I can include in this blog post.  If you view success as a process (and I do), and not aresult, then failure is a step in that process.  If you’ve ever tried or worked at anything, you’ve experienced failure.  No one gets is right the first time, every time.  Since failure is an inevitable consequence of effort, you’ve got be willing to learn from it and deal with it. Remember, in baseball, the best hitters “fail” 70% of the time; in basketball, the best shooters “fail” 50% of the time. The most important at-bat — or shot — is your next one.

Here are some tips to provide perspective on dealing with failure:

  • Change your point of view; don’t view failure as negative. Think of it as a learning experience that will help you grow and improve.
  • Separate the action from the person —  just because your efforts didn’t meet with success doesn’t mean you are a failure.
  • Realize that not everything is under your control. Understand what you can control, and what you can’t. Impact/influence what you can, to the best of your ability, and don’t stress about the rest.
  • Take some time to reflect on what have you learned, how you will improve, and what you will do differently next time.
  • Avoid blaming anyone or anything else. Be accountable and consider what you could have done differently.
  • Don’t get caught up worrying about what others say or think. Believe in you. Stay positive.
  • Have a plan and write it down. Be specific about goals and action steps.
  • Try again… don’t give up. Give 100% effort; work hard and smart.
  • Be patient. Change takes time. This, too, shall pass.


Your thoughts?

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