Keep Junk Food Out of Sight

22 Jan

junk-food-300x2251[1]What do you see when you look around your kitchen?  When it comes to junk food, if you see it you’re more likely to eat it.

If you keep junk food (cookies and other “sweets”) on the kitchen counter — or visible elsewhere in the kitchen — there’s a good chance you’re overweight, according to a study in Health Education & Behavior, cited in Men’s Health.

According to the study, 39% of men who kept baked goods visible in their kitchens were obese; while only 6% of guys who kept sweets in sight were slender. (Healthy snacks like fresh fruit or nuts was more typical for the slim guys.)

Here’s why: When you’re hungry, you tend to grab the first quick, convenient snack you see.

To avoid this trap, keep healthy, low-calorie options — like preportioned bags of fresh fruit or nuts — where they are quickly and easily seen and accessed.


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