Is the Training Mask Worth it?

10 Feb

etmsk2_1[1]A few months ago, I published a blog post titled, About the Elevation Training Mask.  Based on available research, the article stated that “Training with the Elevation Training Mask may be another way athletes can gain a competitive edge.”

Recently, Men’s Health cited Oklahoma State University research that potentially contradicts this information.

In their study, Oklahoma State researchers found that individuals who trained in the face gear for six weeks saw no more strength or endurance gains than gear-free guys did, because the oxygen content of the air was still the same for both groups.

“The masks just make breathing difficult, which can lead to dysfunction,” according to the opinion of a Men’s Health fitness advisor.

BOTTOM LINE: There’s a lot of pro and con information out there — both anecdotal and empirical — relating to the use of the elevation training mask.  At this point, perhaps more information and research is warranted (but I’m still using mine).


Your thoughts?

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