Train Movements, Not Muscles

2 Mar

Core_2[1]Want a smarter approach to training your entire body?  How about improving your athletic performance?  The next time you step into the weight room, don’t think about what muscles you’re going to train, think about what movements you’re going to train.

Your muscles don’t work independently of each other, regardless of the exercise(s) you perform.  Your body is a complex system of interconnected muscles and connective tissue (and nervous system) that facilitates movement.  Whether your goals are strength, fitness, or wellness, train your muscles as a dependent, functional unit and get better results.

The term “functional” training gets thrown around, a lot.  Simply stated, functional exercises are those that require balance, stability, and coordination — in addition to strength.  Functional movements reflect the demands and movement patterns of your daily activity.

So, what does “movement” based exercise look like?  Below are examples of movement patterns and corresponding exercises for each:

  • Lower-Body Push: Squat, Stepup
  • Lower-Body Pull: Glute-Ham Raise, Romanian Deadlift
  • Horizontal Push: Bench Press, Pushup
  • Horizontal Pull: Barbell Row, Seated Cable Row
  • Vertical Push: Shoulder Press, Push Press
  • Vertical Pull: Lat Pulldown, Chinup
  • Rotational: Russian Twist, Kettlebell Woodchopper
  • Core Strengthening: Plank, Rollout


Your thoughts?


One Response to “Train Movements, Not Muscles”

  1. The Trainer Hood River March 15, 2016 at 10:12 PM #

    Absolutely! I call that functional training ! The Trainer Boxing/Functional Training Club Hood River

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