Summer Camp Thoughts and Tips

2 May

camps[1]Summer is right around the corner (although you’d never know it by the weather in northeast Ohio), and that means it’s time to start thinking about summer camps.  Many athletes use summer camps as an opportunity to learn and further develop skills that will help them improve their performance in the sport(s) they play.

Summer camps may focus on sport-specific skill development (like ball-handling and shooting) or physical development, like the Speed & Agility Camp we offer at Athletic Performance Training Center.  We encourage athletes to talk with parents and coaches, following their sport season, to create an action plan and determine “next steps” for continued development.

Here are some things to think about as you begin the summer camp selection process:

  • Is the camp the right fit for you?  Consider factors like how well the camp’s offerings reflect your needs, what age groups will be participating, staff to player ratio, and whether the camp will provide you with adequate attention and repetitions.
  • Who is running the camp?  What are the camp director’s qualifications, with regard to experience, expertise, certifications, etc.?  If possible, check with others who have previously participated in the camp or worked with the director.
  • Who will be assisting?  Does the camp employ qualified assistants or just a bunch of high school kids.  Assistants should be expected to explain and demonstrate skills, evaluate and correct technique, and effectively communicate with campers.
  • Safety first!  All camp staff should be first-aid and CPR certified by an accredited organization like the American Red Cross.
  • Are they insured?  Liability insurance is not cheap, but it’s a must.  It protects both camp staff and camp participants.  My experience is that most camps/organizations are not covered, and that is potentially a big mistake.

Do your homework to ensure that your camp is a positive, productive experience.



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