To My High School Grad: Where Did the Time Go?

24 Jun

13391608_10204720663455838_3785274062104711446_o[1]As I sit and reflect upon your recent commencement ceremony, I can’t help but feel “ambivalently nostalgic.”  I am happy for you and proud of you.  I am also a little bit sad (for me?) about the blur that is the past eighteen years.  Although I know full well where it went — after all, I’ve been an active participant — I sit here and ask myself, “where did it go?”

Where is that eagerly-awaited, beautiful baby girl?

Where is that toddler that I dragged everywhere with me?

Where is that little girl who made every day a new adventure?

Where are the school plays, spelling bees, band concerts, and field trips?

Where are the basketball, softball, soccer, and volleyball games?

Wasn’t your freshman year just yesterday?

Invariably, I know the answers to all those questions.  You’re still the same kid, just older, wiser, and ready to set out on a new adventure.

Good luck, baby girl.  Work hard, stay positive, and good things will happen.  I wish you every happiness and every success that life has to offer.  Create your future… make it how you want it to be.  I love you, Juju.


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