Creatine for Female Athletes

15 Aug

pGNC1-4505613dt[1]Although there are dietary supplements that have been shown to improve performance – in addition to training alone – including creatine and whey protein, they are often underused by female athletes.

In a Strength and Conditioning Journal article, Joan M. Eckerson, PhD, FNSCA provides information and rationale for creatine as an ergogenic aid for female athletes.

Effects of creatine supplementation for female athletes include:

  • Enhances muscular strength and power with minimal effects on body composition
  • Favorable effect on anaerobic performance and fatigue
  • Enhances recovery from aerobic exercise

Creatine is not an anabolic steroid – it is naturally produced by the body.  It enhances performance by reducing fatigue and enhancing recovery, providing for a greater stimulus of training.

Creatine increases both strength and power without large fluctuations in body weight or muscle mass.

Creatine may be especially beneficial for women involved in “power” sports – those that require short bursts of high-intensity activity (for example, basketball, volleyball, sprinters and throwers, soccer, field hockey, and tennis).

Creatine does not impair aerobic performance and may enhance recovery.

Creatine is safe and effective when taken as recommended.  Individuals with pre-existing kidney or liver problems should consult with their physician before taking creatine.

Creatine has not been reported to intensify premenstrual symptoms.


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