Are You Addicted to Food?

22 Aug

Food-addiction-1[1]For some people, food delivers a false sense of security for dealing with stress.  In the short-term, eating can make you feel better, but only temporarily.  The key is to manage your food “addiction” by developing healthy, daily habits that “re-wire” your brain, keeping you happy, healthy, and productive.

You might get your “fix” from yoga, a hobby, meditation, listening to music, volunteer work, painting, or some form of exercise (weight-lifting, swimming, hiking, biking, running, etc.).  Basically, you’re looking for a healthy, productive substitute to eating.

Here are some tips for your daily routine:

Make it healthy.  Choose one new productive habit you’d like to adopt to achieve your goals, such as eating healthy meals and snacks to support your weight-loss goals.

Be honest with yourself.  Understand what it is you want to change and what triggers unproductive, undesirable behaviors.

Face your fears.  What’s the worst that could happen if you succeed?  Change can be scary, but your imagined fears are probably worse than reality.

Be committed.  Convert your fears into positive affirmations of your goals.  Commit your goals to writing and say them, aloud, every day.  “I am committed to being a healthy person.”


Your thoughts?

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