Strengthen Your Core with the Plank

24 Aug

EX+plankcore-abdominal-and-lower-back-exercises-23[1]The plank is one of my favorite core strengthening exercises.  Most variations require little or no equipment and can be done anywhere.  Additionally, the plank works your entire core — shoulders to hips — and not just your abs.

The basic plank is done with hands (or forearms) and feet on the floor, as if you were in the pushup “up” position (pictured).  Here are several variations of the plank exercise that can further challenge and strengthen your core musculature:

  • One arm elevated
  • One leg elevated
  • One arm and one (opposite) leg elevated
  • Side plank
  • Hands on BOSU ball (flat side up)
  • Feet on physioball
  • Hands (or forearms) on physioball
  • Alternating, opposite elbow to knee
  • TRX plank with feet suspended
  • TRX plank with arms suspended
  • Weighted plank (wearing a weighted vest, or with a weight plate on your back)


Your thoughts?

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