Make Every Exercise a Core Exercise

19 Sep

aid10626-728px-take-a-punch-step-8-version-31This one is for my friend, Ken, who correctly noticed – and pointed out to me – that I did not publish a blog post last week.

Here’s a simple modification you can employ to engage your core during your workout, making every exercise you do a core exercise:


To accomplish this, tighten your midsection as you would if you were preparing yourself to get punched in the gut.  You would immediately tense and stiffen you core to brace for the impact. This is referred to as abdominal bracing.

Whether you’re working your upper body, lower body, pushing, pulling, jumping, etc. – bracing your core during the exercise will add a different and effective dimension to the exercise.

Although it’s a relatively simple strategy – at least conceptually – abdominal bracing takes some concentration, focus, and practice.


Your thoughts?

2 Responses to “Make Every Exercise a Core Exercise”

  1. ~Ken September 20, 2016 at 2:01 PM #

    LOL. I’m glad I could free you from your acute case of writer’s block, but you must consider the needs of the other millions in your fan base too! LOL!

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