It’s Not About How Much

7 Nov

HansFranz[1]How do you gauge success in the gym?  Lots of men and women focus solely on the amount of weight they can lose or lift.  And while these may be steps on your path to success, perhaps they shouldn’t be the ultimate goals.

Working out can increase your strength and improve your fitness, health, and wellness.  And, while the physical benefits are obvious, research shows that the benefits of working out may carry over into your mental, emotional, and even spiritual well-being.  Regular exercise has also been linked to productivity at work, satisfaction in relationships, and less stress.

Have fun working out by making exercise more like play.  Try new moves, learn new skills, and take on new challenges.  Variety in your routine can be motivating.

Keep track of how happy, confident, and energized you feel, as a result of your workout.  Improvements in fitness and increases in the amount of weight you push or pull will be valuable by-products.


Your thoughts?

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