Improve Muscle Endurance with Battling Ropes

27 Mar

Want to try a new exercise, develop full-body strength and conditioning, and boost your muscle endurance?  Try the battling ropes.

The goal of this exercise is to generate velocity and, ultimately, power throughout the entire duration of the exercise.  Battling ropes workouts can improve lactic acid tolerance, which allows you to work harder and longer, over time.

To perform the battling ropes exercise, maintain an athletic stance, grab the end of a rope in each hand, and swing your arms, vertically and simultaneously (you can also alternate — as pictured — or swing laterally). Swing hard and swing fast.  Start with 3 sets of 10 seconds each, with 30 second rest intervals between sets, and work up to 30 second sets with 60 second rest intervals.

Check out this article and video from STACK Media.


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