Stay Healthy With Yoga

28 Jun

When it comes to exercise, I guess I’m a fairly traditional, “strength training and cardio” kind of guy.  I must admit, however, that after thinking more and more about trying Yoga, I finally added it to the list of services offered at my facility.

I found a terrific Yoga instructor, Megan, and added a weekly class to my routine.

According to research, yoga can benefit flexibilitystrengthposture, and breathing.  Yoga has also been associated with decreasing stressimproving concentration and moodlowering blood pressureboosting energy levels, and even positively affecting learning and memory.

Now, it seems, yoga can even improve overall health and wellness.

In separate studies, scientists from Japan and India say that you can strengthen your immune system by practicing yoga.

The Japanese study found that, after a 90-minute yoga session, people had a higher concentration of a peptide that attacks microbes and lower cortisol (stress hormone) production.

The Indian study reported that even 35 minutes of daily yoga can reduce elevations in cortisol.

For all you athletes and active individuals, Yoga can improve muscle strength and flexibility, improve athletic performance, and reduce injury risk.

Strike a pose!


Your thoughts?

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