The “Next Big Thing” is Today

18 Dec

This morning, some of my basketball buddies and I were lamenting about the fact that another year has passed, and that 2017 was a “blur.”  You know… the “time flies” conversation.  We all have kids in various stages of school (and beyond) and, somewhere along the way, one of the guys remarked about how we all sometimes wish our lives away by yearning for the “next big thing.”  I’ve been thinking about that conversation all day.

Let me explain the “next big thing.”  When people address it, they often preface it by saying, “I can’t wait for (or to)…”  For a young child, it may be starting school.  For a teenager, it may be turning 16 and getting a driver’s license.  It may be turning 18 and becoming an “adult.”  It could be graduating from high school and heading off to college.  Or, perhaps, turning 21 and reaching (legal) drinking age.  Eventually, it may be graduating from college,  landing a “real” job, and joining the work force.  Toss in few more of life’s milestones like moving out of the home in which one grew up, getting married, starting a family, and retirement.

Even as parents, we look forward with eager anticipation to our children walking, talking, starting school, getting involved in sports and other activities, and lots of the same “accomplishments” mentioned above.

As an old (and hopefully wise) guy who has experienced most of the aforementioned milestones, here’s my advice: Don’t spend too much time wishing for the “next big thing” because the “next big thing” is today.  Everything that lies ahead will get here, whether you want it to or not.  And, believe me, it’s going to get here quickly.  Invest in today and make it as good and as much as it can be — for yourself and the people around you.  If you do that, you’ll find that most of the “tomorrows” will take care of themselves.

I’m not discouraging anyone from keeping an eye on tomorrow, and planning and preparing, accordingly… just not at the expense of today.

Focus on today.  Invest in today.  Make it great.  As soon as today becomes yesterday, it’s gone… lost to you forever.

Carpe Diem!


Your thoughts?


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