Upgrade Your Workout With Drop Sets

19 Feb

Drop sets are a great way to make your time in the gym more effective and efficient.  Regardless of whether your goals include getting strongerbiggerfitter, or leaner, drop sets will provide the challenge you’re looking for and really rev your metabolism in the process.

Typically, drop sets involve performing an exercise to failure, quickly reducing the weight, doing another set of the same exercise to failure, and repeating this process.

Here’s a way to incorporate drop sets into your current workout plan:

  • On the final set of each exercise, go to failure — do as many repetitions as you can safely manage.
  • Rest a few seconds (just enough time to decrease the weight).
  • Reduce the weight by about 25% and perform as many reps as you can.

Add drop sets to your training plan by making one day a week a “drop sets” day (or, perhaps, one week per cycle).


Your thoughts?


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