The “Skinny” on Artificial Sweeteners

9 May

artificial-sweeteners[1]What do you use to sweeten your food and/or beverages?

Chances are, you use an artificial sweetener or consume a food or beverage in which an artificial sweetener is an ingredient.

There are misunderstandings, inaccuracies, and misconceptions about artificial sweeteners.  The purpose of this blog post is neither to encourage nor discourage the use of artificial sweeteners — simply to provide information to help consumers make educated choices.

Here’s an article from the Mayo Clinic, which provides some scientific clarity around the subject of artificial sweeteners, including the FDA approval process; currently available artificial sweeteners; practical considerations; and a comparative evaluation.

Personally, I like honey as my sweetener of choice.  It’s natural, and I add it to everything from green tea to oatmeal to smoothies.

Your thoughts?


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