Vitamin C May Help Exercise-Induced Asthma

27 Mar

cvitamin2[1]People with exercise-induced asthma might find some relief by taking vitamin C, reports a study in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

The author cites BMJ research supporting the use of vitamin C and exercise (done properly) to improve management of exercise-induced asthma.

This information is particularly relevant to me, as I have two daughters — both athletes — who use an inhaler for exercise-induced asthma.

The article defines exercise-induced asthma, its symptoms, and describes conditions that my exacerbate the condition.

Vitamin C deficiency is believed to stimulate the release of inflammatory mediators that may be involved in exercise-induced asthma.

Vitamin C supplementation is low-cost and safe, and may provide relief of asthma-related symptoms for physically fit people when exercising.

The author also discusses strategies for helping individuals with exercise-induced asthma better manage the exercise process.

Your thoughts?


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