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The Intelligent Athlete’s Guide to Fueling Performance

20 Nov

avarietyoffoods[1]Here’s a nice resource¬†from Coach Mike Dewar that helps to simplify the best way to eat for performance.

Coach Dewar provides several tips for adjusting an athlete’s nutrition to meet the demands of intense training:

  • Keep it simple
  • Diversify (add variety to) your plate
  • Understand your caloric needs
  • Consume enough protein
  • Performance athletes need carbohydrates
  • Healthy fats fuel long-duration exercise
  • Use supplements wisely

Active individuals and athletes must exceed US RDA guidelines for macro- and micronutrients¬†— which are based on the needs of sedentary individuals — relative to their own metabolic demands.

“Athletes have significantly different metabolic demands than non-athletes. As we develop better fitness, factors such as sleep, recovery, hydration, and nutrition play a determining role in our ability to withstand the increased physiological and psychological stressors of advanced training and life.”


Your thoughts?

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