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Don’t Neglect Your Glutes and Hamstrings

16 Nov

Everybody does quadricep-dominant exercises like the squat and leg press.  And, with good reason.  These large, fast-twitch muscles, located on the fronts of your thighs, are responsible for generating lower-body strength and power, important for sport-specific movements like linear speed and vertical jump.  But, if you’re not also doing posterior chain exercises – those that focus on your glutes and hamstrings – you’re only doing half the job.

Your hamstrings are the large muscles that run down the back of each of your thighs.  They are opposing muscles to your quadriceps, and provide balance and stability to the knee joint.  These muscles are prone to injury if you do not work to keep them strong and loose, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Glute-Hamstring Exercises

Exercises like the back extensionglute-ham raise (pictured), and Romanian deadlift (RDL) are great complements to your quad-dominant exercises.  For every set of quad exercises, perform one set of glute-ham exercises.  Aim for 4-6 repetitions, per set, with perfect technique.

Benefits of Glute and Hamstring Strength and Flexibility

  • Prevents lower back pain – your hamstring muscles will better support your back and pelvis while you move if the muscles are strong and flexible.
  • Reduces injuries – strong and flexible hamstring muscles can support your body during exercise and help prevent injury, especially during running.
  • Improves athletic performance – having strong and flexible hamstring muscles can improve your performance in various sports.


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