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Build Strength, Stability with the Band Squat

21 Sep

bweightsquatknesspress-b-male1-250x300[1]Improve your muscle activation for squats by performing a warmup set with a miniband around and below your knees, as pictured.

The band squat, done properly, helps to ensure that your glutes “fire” properly, and also provides stability — “down the chain” — to the knees; and “up the chain,” to the hips and shoulders.

The band squat is also a great way to improve squat technique and correct mechanical problems.

Use the band squat exercise as a warmup when you do heavy squats.  Descend, pause, rise.  Do 15 repetitions.


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Resistance Band Warmup Can Improve Lower-Body Power

10 Apr

0809_posterA1_200x200[1]Pre-workout warmup with an elastic resistance band (band squat) is just as effective as the barbell box squat, in augmenting acute jump power, according to research from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.  Both modes of warmup were superior to static stretching.

Power output significantly decreased from pre-warmup to post-warmup for the static stretch protocol.  The static stretch was detrimental to jump performance.  There is a consensus in the scientific literature to suggest a negative relationship between static stretching and acute power performance (sprinting, jumping, etc.).

The barbell box squat protocol involved 3 sets of 3RM; the band squat protocol involved 3 sets of 3 repetitions using highest resistance elastic bands; and the static stretch protocol used two 30-second stretches of muscles of the lower limbs.

Since elastic resistance bands are relatively inexpensive, portable, and accessible (compared to less transportable equipment like squat racks and free weights), strength and conditioning professionals may consider them for athletes training at various competition levels.


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