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Challenge Yourself with the Uneven Plank Exercise

4 Nov

Want to work your entire core and triceps with one exercise? Check out this new plank exercise from strength and fitness guru, BJ Gaddour, and Men’s Health.

The Uneven Plank is “a core exercise that does double duty as a triceps builder.” To perform this exercise, assume a standard 4-point plank position, with forearms on the floor. Lift one forearm off the floor and hold it in the bottom position of a pushup. This activates the triceps and requires core strength and stability. Hold for 30-60 seconds, then repeat on your other side by switching arm positions. (I couldn’t find a picture of this exercise, but video link is attached)


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Strengthen Your Core with the Plank

28 Jun

EX+plankcore-abdominal-and-lower-back-exercises-23[1]The plank is one of my favorite core strengthening exercises.  Most variations require little or no equipment and can be done anywhere.  Additionally, the plank works your entire core — shoulders to hips — and not just your abs.

The basic plank is done with hands (or forearms) and feet on the floor, as if you were in the pushup “up” position (pictured).  Here are several variations of the plank exercise that can further challenge and strengthen your core musculature:

  • One arm elevated
  • One leg elevated
  • One arm and one (opposite) leg elevated
  • Side plank
  • Hands on BOSU ball (flat side up)
  • Feet on physioball
  • Hands (or forearms) on physioball
  • Alternating, opposite elbow to knee
  • TRX plank with feet suspended
  • TRX plank with arms suspended


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The Best Core Exercise You’re Not Doing

4 Mar

DSCN0353DSCN0354The Plate Press is a terrific core exercise that’s cleverly disguised as an upper-body, horizontal push exercise.  Once you try it, though, you’ll realize how core-intensive it really is.

To perform the plate press exercise, you’ll need a decline bench and a weight plate.  Here’s how to do it:

  • Sit upright on a decline bench, holding a weight plate against your chest.
  • Make sure your legs are securely “locked” around the bench’s padded supports.
  • Lie back until your torso is horizontal (parallel with the ground).
  • Do not let your shoulders or back touch the bench.
  • With a slow, even pace, push the weight plate away from your chest (like a bench press).
  • Repeat for desired number of repetitions.

Initially, try 2-3 sets of 10-15 repetitions each.  Start with a light weight plate — 10 lbs. — until you get the hang of the exercise, then challenge yourself by gradually increasing the weight.


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