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You Can Do Better

6 Sep

If you think you can do better, then do better. Don’t compete with anyone; just yourself.” – Bob Fosse

You can do better.  You can, I can, we all can.

I’m reminded of this every day, at my Strength & Conditioning facility, working with athletes and active individuals.

But it’s not limited to Strength training.  As a matter of fact, it’s WAY BIGGER than Strength & Conditioning.

Personally, professionally, athletically… you can do better.  But first you have to be honest with yourself – is this the best you can do?

Then you have to want to do better.  Even if it’s just one small change… one small improvement.

You can do better in your daily interaction with family and friends.

You can do better in your daily correspondence with colleagues and coworkers.

You can do better in your daily collaboration with teammates and coaches.

You can do better in the weight room, at the gym, on the field, or wherever you prepare or practice.

You can improve your attitude and level of effort, every day.

You can be more patient, more tolerant, and less judgmental.

You can extend more kindness and hospitality – and express more gratitude – to everyone around you.

You can be a better example, and a better role model, to others.

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou


Your thoughts?

Do Better, Do More

22 May

self-improvement[1]Don’t just accept where you are in life. If you want to be better, DO better. If you want to be more, DO more!

One more repetition or set in the weight room.

One more sprint or sled push on the field or track.

One more time practicing the ball-handling or shooting drill.

One more time reviewing for the upcoming quiz or test.

One more time practicing the speech or presentation.

One more kind word to another person.

One more minute of your time to improve you.

You have the ability — the power — to do more.

You can create a better version of yourself.

Strive to do more today than you did yesterday.

Strive to be better today than you were yesterday — better athlete, better student, better person.

Expect more of yourself.  Don’t be satisfied with where you were yesterday.  Push yourself.


Your thoughts?

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