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Lift Weights to Burn More Fat

27 Jun

img57018452[1]If you want to get lean, weight training is the way to go, according to a recent University of South Carolina study.

In the study, researchers concluded that weight training may work better than cardio, to burn fat.

Over the course of a year, overweight people who lifted weights lost more body fat than those who ran.

Additionally, the weightlifters experienced an increase in “functional capacity” (the ability to perform everyday tasks), which may have led to a surge in their daily activities and calories burned.

Compound movements – those that engage multiple joints and muscle groups – yield the best return on your exercise investment, as compared to isolation exercises.

Try to get in the weight room 2-3 times a week.  You don’t necessarily have to eliminate your cardio training altogether, but you can train smarter by incorporating more high-intensity interval cardio training and reducing the slow, steady stuff.


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Get Lean

7 Dec

avarietyoffoods[1]The simple formula for getting lean is increasing muscle mass and decreasing body fat.  That means eating right and working out the whole body, since the body doesn’t target specific areas for fat loss when you’re losing weight. Some healthy diet tips include:

Eat healthy foods. Include plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables in your diet, and pick carbohydrates with whole grains — and high fiber — over processed grains.

Eat lean. Eat lean meats, such as cuts of beef and pork that end in “loin.” Remove the skin from all poultry, and opt for fish two to three times a week.

Cut the fat in dairy. Choose nonfat or 1 percent dairy products, like skim milk, lowfat yogurt, and nonfat cheese.

Hydrate. Drink water and calorie-free diet drinks.

Know your oils. Use liquid oils for cooking instead of solid fats like butter and lard. Vegetable oils and olive oils are among the healthiest choices.

Ease up on snacks. Cut back on high-calorie snacks and desserts like cookies, potato chips, and cake.

Limit your portion sizes. Even healthy food can cause weight gain if you eat too much.


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