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Summer Fitness Made Easy

26 Jun

0803-summer-fitness_vg[1]Summer is a great time of year (the best, in my opinion), because it’s easy to improve your fitness without making wholesale changes to your routine.  Here are some tips for an active, healthy  — and fit — summer:

  • Get outside.  Walk. Run. Bike. Hike. Enjoy the warm weather. When it gets too hot, take advantage of the early morning and evening hours, when temperatures are more reasonable.
  • Be efficient in the gym. Get in; get your work done; get out.
  • Sleep in on the weekend. It can be difficult to get 7-8 hours every night during the week. Use the weekend to get a full, restorative night of sleep.
  • Eliminate excuses. Can’t get to the gym? Workout at home. Don’t have a lot of time? 10 minutes of concentrated activity is better than none at all.
  • Try a warm weather activity. Find something you enjoy and do more of it while the weather allows.
  • Workout with a friend. You’re more likely to stay on task with a partner.
  • Make more stops at roadside stands for fresh fruits and delicious summer vegetables.
  • Try a new stretch. Use a stretch band (rope or towel) to gently assist in pulling a muscle a little farther than your body would ordinarily allow.
  • Challenge yourself. Gradually and progressively increase the intensity of your workout — weight, reps, sets, reduced rest intervals, etc.
  • Set goals. A combination of short- and long-term goals is important to your success. An end-of-summer (or mid-summer) goal sets your motivation in motion and helps define direction and purpose.
  • Create a summer playlist. A new playlist can boost your motivation when you’re starting a new exercise routine. Keeping your music fresh can help keep your training fun.
  • Beat the heat. Stay hydrated, take frequent water breaks, and avoid midday workouts.
  • Pack a jump rope for your summer vacation.
  • Don’t overdo it. Take some time to recover and regenerate.


Your thoughts?

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