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Add the Jump Rope to Your Training Routine

30 Jan

32864[1]Jumping rope tends to be an overlooked exercise (admittedly, I have several jump ropes at my facility that are usually underused).  Maybe it’s because we still think of it as something children do on a playground, but this portable, low-tech piece of exercise equipment could (should?) be part of your exercise routine.  Here are some reasons to incorporate jumping rope into your training regimen:

  • Requires very little space
  • Cost is minimal
  • Virtually no equipment needed — a jump rope and supportive athletic shoes
  • Helps development of agility, coordination, and balance
  • Can burn more calories than running, in the same amount of time
  • Helps improve cardiovascular and muscular endurance
  • Total-body exercise
  • Reinforces good posture
  • Can be part of a healthy, weight-loss strategy
  • Helps maintain healthy bones
  • Plyometric exercise is great for athletes (“teaches” your body to generate force quickly)
  • Can be used as a warmup activity

Try this simple (but challenging) 8-minute jump rope workout:  Jump for 50 seconds, followed by a 10-second rest interval.  Repeat seven more times, until you’ve completed 8 minutes — 50 seconds “on,” and 10 seconds “off.”


Your thoughts?

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