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3 Simple Rules in Life

13 Mar

Here’s a nice follow up to Wednesday’s blog post.

You can’t wish for things to happen, and you can’t wait for things to happen.

You’ve got to go after what you want and make things happen.

Pursuing your dreams and goals may not always result in getting exactly what you want, but not going after what you want will never help you accomplish or achieve anything worthwhile.

984281_406394946186783_4644553816838639229_n[1]Get STRONGER, Get FASTER!

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7 Rules of Life

11 Mar

1234769_627884243933743_1031619130_n[1]Get STRONGER, Get FASTER!

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10 Rules of Life and Lifting

4 Mar

11024772_10152857794153929_7659593503691897908_n[1]Get STRONGER, Get FASTER!

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