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Chocolate Milk + Protein Powder = Awesome

12 Aug

Chocolate-Milk[1]Here’s an idea for all you athletes, CrossFitters, exercisers, and fitness enthusiasts who — like me — are also chocolate lovers.

The next time you prepare a post-workout drink, instead of mixing your protein powder with plain old milk or water, try this combination:

In a shaker bottle, mix about 12 ounces of lowfat chocolate milk with 1 scoop of your favorite chocolate whey protein powder.

The result will be a delicious protein shake with about 35 grams of protein and an ideal carb to protein ratio.

Drink up!


Your thoughts?


Add an Egg to Your Protein Shake

8 Dec

egg[1]Next time you prepare a post-workout drink, crack an egg (or two) in your whey protein shake.

Egg protein is a high-quality, lactose-free protein source, and makes a great complement to whey protein.  Egg protein stimulates muscle growth and has been demonstrated to increase muscle protein synthesis in university studies.

The egg white and yolk proteins are high in nutrients; one large egg contains about 6.5 grams of protein; and the egg white protein content is about 3.6 grams (slightly more than half of the total protein content).

Egg Protein Benefits

Eggs contain a high concentration of leucine.  Leucine is the major amino acid responsible for stimulating the synthesis of muscle protein after a meal (the only protein source that contains more leucine than egg is whey).

Egg protein contains 10% to 20% more leucine than most other protein sources.  It is more anabolic (muscle-building) than both soy and wheat protein.  Egg protein increases lean-body mass more than both of those protein sources — even at equal intakes.

Egg protein is quickly and easily digestible, at a rate similar to whey protein.  Consumption and digestion of egg protein leads to a large increase in plasma amino acids and commensurate muscle-building response.

Consuming egg protein promotes satiety (fullness) and can reduce short-term food intake, which may be beneficial for people looking to lose fat — but don’t want to feel like they’re starving themselves in the process.

Egg protein is also a great source of important vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients.


Your thoughts?

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