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The Best Body-Weight Exercises

15 Oct



Strength training is an important component of athletic performance improvement, along with sport-specific skill development; nutrition; rest and recovery; and mental preparation.  And, while traditional weight lifting exercises should be part of every athlete’s strength and conditioning program, don’t ignore or underestimate the impact that body-weight exercises can have on your development.

Here are 3 of our favorite body-weight exercises:

  • Pullups work the entire upper body and — performed correctly — lead to improvements in strength.  If you can’t (yet) do a pullup, use a TRX, band, or spotter to assist.  Beginners can also start with the lat pulldown exercise.
  • Pushups are another great upper-body exercise, because they engage the chest, shoulders, back, and arms.  Master the basics first, then modify the exercise by placing medicine balls under your hands, use the TRX, elevate your feet, experiment with different hand positions, wear a weighted vest, or try them inverted (the inverted row is another of our favorite body-weight exercises, performed with a bar or TRX).
  • Lunges target the entire lower body, working the big muscles like the glutes and quads.  This versatile exercise can be varied by doing it stationary; walking forward, backward, or laterally; angled; and cross-over or cross-behind.

If you’re not already doing them, add these exercises to your regimen.  They can be performed virtually anywhere.


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Don’t Forget About the Pushup

19 Dec

bosu-ball-exercise-ball-elevated-push-up_-_step_2.max.v1[1]Everybody loves the bench press, and with good reason.  It’s a great, compound exercise for building upper-body muscle, strength, and power.  But even the bench press gets old if that’s the only horizontal push exercise you’re doing.  Try varying your approach by incorporating the pushup into your routine, every once in a while, as a substitute for (or, in addition to) the bench press.

There are probably an infinite number of pushup variations, limited only by your imagination.  Here are several examples of the pushup exercise that we perform at Athletic Performance Training Center, as a bench press alternative:


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