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The Rocky Road of Excellence

12 Feb

stephen-curry-getty[1]Earlier this week, I published a blog post titled, Everyone Wants to Eat, Few Want to Hunt.  The article focused on the “price” of greatness — investment and sacrifice — as it relates to success in any endeavor.

Along those same lines, here’s a nice follow up article from Changing the Game Project.

The Rocky Road of Excellence asserts that “Elite performers, those who are true professionals at everything they do, ask themselves a far different question. They don’t ask “What do I want?” They ask:

“What am I willing to sacrifice for, to struggle for, and to experience pain and discomfort for? In other words, what dream or passion am I willing to suffer for?”

This question is what leads to excellence in sport, in business, and in life.

You must risk being uncomfortable to achieve something worthwhile.

What do you want, and what are you willing to do to get it?


Your thoughts?

Everyone Wants to Eat, Few Want to Hunt

8 Feb

52627-wild-nature-wildlife-animals-hunting[1]Do you want to be successful? Do you want to achieve greatness?

If you want to be great, you can’t just settle for “good.”  Good is good, but great is GREAT.

Greatness is one of those things that most people will say they want, but only very few are willing to pay the price to achieve it.

And the price for greatness is very high.

Like anything rare and valuable, achieving greatness has a high price.

We all have the potential to be great at something — or, perhaps even several things.

People don’t achieve greatness for two reasons:

  1. They don’t believe they can ever achieve it.
  2. They are simply not willing to pay the high price that comes along with it.

Dream big.  Allow yourself to have a grand vision.  Be motivated enough to pay the price to turn those dreams into reality.

Inevitably, there will be challenges and obstacles along the way.  Don’t let them stop you.

Know in your heart that you can, and will, achieve the picture — the dream — your mind has conceived.

Greatness requires sacrifice.  Be willing to sacrifice.

You will have to invest your time, thought, and effort.  You must be creative and innovative, and adaptable.

See beyond the barriers and boundaries.

You say you want greatness, but what are you willing to pay for it?


Your thoughts?

Attributes of Winners

9 Sep
Professional Triathlete, Andy Drobeck

Professional Triathlete, Andy Drobeck

There are lots of attributes that can be associated with winners and successful people.

In his article, Release Your Inner Elite, Professional Triathlete, Andy Drobeck, lists ten attributes that he believes elite athletes share.

I think Andy’s article is terrific, and I also think his “attributes” apply more broadly than just to elite athletes.  I think these attributes are central to the success of positive thinkers and winners.

Here is Andy’s list:

  1. Strong motivation and work ethic: This is pretty obvious, right? It takes an attitude of doing the work and not cutting corners.
  2. Goal oriented: This is where a plan of action combines with work ethic. Setting a goal, sticking to it, and seeing that goal through.
  3. Fearless: Nobody is completely fearless. But you can’t be afraid to fail and learn from adversity, not dwell on it.
  4. Positive: Focus on what’s going well. Focus on the benefits of what you’re doing. Be happy.
  5. Focused: Stay the course. Don’t be too broad in your goals. Think about 1 day or one workout at a time.
  6. Patient: Things don’t happen overnight. It can take years to develop.
  7. Confident: Knowing you can do what you set out to do. Believe in yourself. Shape confidence through practice and experience.
  8. Non-emotional: Keep the drama low. Anxiety low. Control your emotions and be cool like a cucumber. Freaking out and getting over emotional generally results in poor performance.
  9. Rehearsed: Be prepared for workouts or events by mentally rehearsing them in your head and visualizing successes.
  10. Willingness to sacrifice: This is the hardest of them all because there is a line between sacrifice and obsessiveness (of which I’m sometimes accused). Missing beers on the boat to go for a long ride might be necessary; missing the birth of your first son… you might want to skip the workout. The line is different for everybody but there has to be some willingness to sacrifice some other activities that you may want to do.


Your thoughts?


26 Aug

20c14e2[1]In his book, Hours of Power, Robert Schuller contends that anyone who truly wants to succeed can do so, because success takes many forms.

Success may involve recovering or rebuilding.  It may be starting a new endeavor or pursuing a new career.

Whatever it is, you can succeed.  Believe in you and believe in success.  Believe that you can and will succeed.

Here are Schuller’s steps to success:

  • S — Select your goal
  • U — Unlock positive thinking
  • C — Chart your course
  • C — Commit yourself
  • E — Expect problems and difficulties
  • S — Sacrifice yourself (success always involves sacrifice)
  • S — Stick with it (you never fail until you say, “I quit.”)


Your thoughts?

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