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Build Muscle with Burnout Sets

6 Jul

opener-moves-every-man-should-master-ss[1]Lifting heavy is a great way to build muscle, but it’s not the only way.

“Men who performed low-weight, high-rep sets gained as much muscle as those who went heavy,” according to a study from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

“High-rep training may stress muscle fibers differently, spurring greater growth.”

Don’t abandon your high-weight, low-rep workouts, altogether, just vary your approach from time to time.

When you lift heavy, perform sets with a load that challenge you for 4-6 repetitions.  This strategy will not only help you build muscle, it’s also great for developing strength and power.

On your lighter days, work with a load that allows you do perform 20 or more reps, to maximize muscle growth.

One caveat to burnout sets:  They may not be the best strategy for athletic performance training.  Athletic performance training should be more about task specificity and less about how much, how many, or for how long.


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