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30 Life Lessons Learned in Business

15 Feb

gilbert-horiz-fistraised-apjpg-c2e1714f648d1934[1]Recently, my son shared with me a book in which Dan Gilbert (Quicken Loans founder and chairman, Cleveland Cavaliers majority owner) listed 30 Things I Learned in 30 Years of Business.  It’s worth sharing.

  1. When you love what you do, there is no such thing as “work.”
  2. Nothing clarifies like clarity.
  3. If you believe tomorrow will be even more exciting than today, you have discovered what passion really means.
  4. Some people WILL NEVER get it.  Get them out of your team, club, house, life, etc., and both of you will be happier.
  5. There is always a way to turn a problem into an opportunity.  Find it.
  6. Thinking (going deep) about problems, challenges, new ways of doing things and creativity is one of THE hardest things you will ever do.  It also will bring you the finest results.
  7. I never learned anything by talking.
  8. You can’t prioritize until you have visibility.
  9. Appreciate everything.
  10. Nothing great and long-lasting is built overnight, but you MUST take the first step NOW.
  11. Any ounce of energy you spend regretting mistakes you made in the past is taking away energy you need to do things right in the present.
  12. Be curious.
  13. Try to please everyone all of the time, and you will end up pleasing no one most of the time.
  14. Think big, huge, large, enormous, immense, jumbo, walloping, gigantic, king sized mammoth, massive, thundering.  You have to think anyway… so why not?
  15. The little things DO matter.  Especially to people.
  16. People who are constantly negative, pessimistic and cynical are not spewing their venom toward you or your ideas.  They are talking about themselves.  Never forget that.
  17. Working longer hours does not automatically make you more successful.  Working smarter does.
  18. There is no better joy than helping people around you go to levels higher than they ever thought they could.
  19. It’s not so frickin’ funny when it’s you, is it?
  20. Winning on the hard stuff does not make the easy stuff easy.
  21. The more you give, the more you get.  It’s as simple as that.
  22. Spreadsheets are for measuring things, but just because you cannot measure something, doesn’t mean it is not valuable.  Some of the most valuable things in the world cannot be measured.
  23. Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.  (Thanks, Albert E.!)
  24. The price of knowing is often way too high.
  25. The one who tells you there is food on your face is your friend.
  26. Building anything great is messy.
  27. Don’t get distracted by people who want you to review the receipts for the paint brushes.  Your job is to paint.
  28. “Sent” is NOT “received.”
  29. The packaging of communication is just as important as the information itself.
  30. Love your team members.  Love your clients and customers.  Just do those two things and your business will be successful.


Your thoughts?

Think Big, Start Small (but start)

30 Oct

big-dog-little-dog[1]You are a work in progress; which means you get there a little at a time, not all at once.” – Unknown

Dream big.  Aim high.  Stretch yourself.  Have over-sized aspirations.

Then get started.  Get to work.

Develop an action plan, and follow your plan.

Be consistent.  Slow and steady wins the game.

Do something — even if it’s something small — that moves you closer toward your goal, every day.

Be patient (and be prepared to be more patient).

Avoid outside comparisons and work hard to be the best version of yourself.

Be persistent.  Stick with it and keep working at it until you figure it out.

Commit yourself and be dedicated.  It all begins with tireless practice.

I might be a work in progress, but every day I get a little bit wiser, a little bit better, a little bit stronger.” – Unknown


Your thoughts?

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