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Keep Track of Your Workouts

17 Dec

stock-photo-821876-clipboard-amp-pencil-w-path[1]One of the requirements at my facility is that each and every athlete maintains a workout chart.  This ensures an accurate record of all workout activity and progress towards their goals, and enables us to keep track of variables like timing, intensity, volume, and frequency.  We try to keep it as simple as possible, with a written record of the following:

  • Date of workout
  • Name of exercise
  • Amount of weight
  • Number of repetitions
  • Number of sets

I have developed an easy-to-use training/workout chart that captures all of this information on a single form.  Each chart contains three weeks worth of data.  Although this form is primarily intended for strength training, it could easily be adapted for aerobic/cardiovascular (or any other type of) training.

Benefits of Maintaining a Workout Chart

  • Accountability and motivation
  • Serves as your personal training “journal”
  • Provides a record of your training history
  • Measures your progress towards your goals
  • Helps you remember where you left off, enabling a more efficient transition between workouts
  • Useful as a tool for planning future workouts


Your thoughts?

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